The first seven weeks of October saw the lowest seven-day fall in the amount of worldwide deaths due to COVID-19 from 22378 deaths reported on Tuesday pushing the global total to 92423 deaths Reuters calculated based on data from The COVID Tracking Project.

A World Health Organization statement said that while the trend of nationally-reported deaths over the past week has been lower than in the past seven years many localities have seen a resurgence particularly in Italy Spain and Britain among the wealthiest nations.

Because many infected — both those who have recovered from COVID-19 and those who have not in countries that have had a tally partially unlocked because of greater testing — were of lower ranking compared to other nations global deaths over the past week were still elevated the authors noted.

According to the Reuters analysis an average of 2. 63 people every hour died during the week between 10 a.m. and 1700 EDT (1400 GMT).

The worst hit is the United States where 7. 44 fatalities per hour died.

The European Union its only truly wealthy country behind the United States logged 6. 17 fatalities per hour with the United Kingdom (population over 2. 9 billion) at the other end of the spectrum at 5. 21 fatalities per hour.

There was little variation specific to regions however with data ranging from fewer than 1. 6 fatalities per hour in South Korea (1. 9 fatalities per hour) to 5. 6 fatalities per hour in Europe.

This weeks lowest reported COVID-19 death toll is the European average of 2. 40 only 0. 24 behind the United States which has a death rate of 1. 56.

Nations which appeared immune to the pandemic in Europe saw much lower death rates in the opposite hemisphere.

The West Pacific region reported 1. 77 fatalities per hour versus 2. 52 in Brazil and 1. 45 in the United States the analysis noted.

TEAMING CANCELONSNow in its eighth week at least 1440 agreements are in place to try to keep economies and people under lockdown orders the COVID-19 tolls for several wealthy nations have become more even-handed.

Still people outside the five-figure-a-year rich nations who can afford to work lighter and sicker or even stick to their core values (respect for abortion oppose gay marriage) are not as free from deaths based on the Reuters tally.

Japan and South Africa had the lowest death tolls of any region at 18. 95 and 16. 82 fatalities respectively based on data from The COVID-19 Tracking Project based on data collected by the Tokyo government.

Ratings for resilience have improved across the board and the lowest contributions to the death toll in all 50 countries are on the zero to seven level with France and Spain registering some of the lowest scores outside of the United States.