Volunter & Contact Information

Please consider joining our GCGRR Volunteer Team!

We need you!  Our volunteer needs include temporary foster homes, volunteers to conduct on site home visits of  prospective adopters, volunteers who are able to provide doggie transport, volunteers interested in helping with fundraising, public awareness and the list goes on.

Foster Homes

Foster homes are the lifeblood of our Rescue, and the most critical and urgent need that we have.  As a foster family, you will provide a temporary home for a minimum of two weeks, but it is not uncommon for dogs to spend several weeks in foster care until the best possible adoptive home is found. GCGRR will work closely with you and your foster Golden and will pay for your foster Golden’s pre-approved Veterinary treatments and medications, as well as Heartworm Prevention and Flea and Tick Prevention. We ask that you provide daily care and safe haven for the Golden including food, toys, exercise, socializing, and most of all LOVE and a sense of security. Please visit our “Foster” Link to learn more about the crucial role you can play to help us help these needy Golden Retrievers.


As a transporter, we ask that you, on occasion and based on your schedule, take a dog to the Vet, pick up dogs from shelters, pick up dogs surrendered from owners who have made the difficult decision to surrender their beloved Golden, or to take a dog to their new foster or adoptive home. While we primarily service the coastal communities of Southwest Florida, we need Transporters throughout the State of Florida!

Home Visits

Home Visit volunteers conduct on site assessment visits to evaluate prospective adoptive or foster homes, to ensure the home and new owners/fosters will provide a loving and quality home for one of our Goldens.  Home Visit Volunteers are needed in all the areas we service.

Fund Raising

The more funds we are able to raise, the more Goldens we will be able to save. Volunteers who can help us with fundraising ideas in addition to participating at various events are needed.

Education and Awareness

As an Education and Awareness volunteer, you will help spread the word about our organization and our Rescued Goldens.  You will be able to visit Veterinarian Clinics, local Shelters, network with other Rescue groups,  give out business cards, and attend animal welfare events to educate the public about who we are, what we do, how we do it and how we all can help the animals…ALL animals. We view our role as an Animal Welfare Advocate as a very important one.


If you have a skill, talent, passion, etc. that will better help us help our Goldens PLEASE let us know.  Just send us an email with your interests, thoughts, recommendations and questions. We will be excited to talk with you further.