Costa Mesa Calif. August 10 2018 — UC San Diego Health has signed a new contract with R. Charles Schwab Laboratories Inc. an independent medical practice that offers advanced kidney care services across the U. S. to expand their existing training array of innovative technologies (IONs) in a dedicated network. Schwab founded by renowned podiatrist Dr. Richard Spencer is an industry leader in engineeredminiature (m) small cell smart cell (SSC) technology and systemizing (scenario) diagnosis. Its goal is to offer improved patient experience mobile and telehealth capabilities in caregiver-investigated chronic kidney disease (CKD) and related disorders. R. Schwab Laboratories is proud to serve as a long-term strategic partner at UC San Diego Health and reinforce our ongoing efforts at the fast-changing and dynamic world of telehealth said John Nissen president and CEO of Schwab Labs Inc. a specialized provider of health care services to Parkinsons Multiple Sclerosis Renal Home Diagnostic Rehabilitation Neurology and emergency medical services. Were confident that the relationship we established will make a difference in helping UC San Diego Health and our patients and families better. UC San Diego Medical Foundation Inc. an independent nonprofit committed to improving care for our health and loved ones through research education and advocacy operates a Cochrane Library a comprehensive cancer resource editing database that aggregates the most up-to-date cancer treatments and clinical trials in the world.