The leader of Brazils developing-world EMBO Institute paving the way for faster and more efficient testing for new coronavirus has tested positive for the disease and is overseeing the first clinical trial published by Cell Press on Thursday.

Each of the 74 Brazilians involved are already involved in the trial underway with a cumulative capacity of the country of 147000.

The event would have been impossible without this expedition said study leader and EMBO Institute member Howard Navar.

Enrique J. Ribeiro head of Brazils national health institute (IB-UNESP) in So Paulo where Ribeiro is based announced the results of the trial at EMBOs Global Brain Challenge on Wednesday.

Health authorities across Latin America have reported thousands of coronavirus cases and thousands of deaths with the vast majority linked to a migrant worker cluster in So Paulos wealthiest south-east corner of the country.

The Treasury is counting around 1500 emigres who have left or are at risk for leaving work to escape the curbs.

The EMBO Institute which in one of its early-stage clinical trials tries to evaluate blood samples said this week it was confident in its ability to perform high-quality testing for the virus.

The initiative has caught the attention of U. S. President Donald Trump who earlier this month urged the World Health Organization to boost its efforts to find a vaccine and said his administration would try to buy it in advance.

Measures outlined by Trump include that microbiologists from countries with higher-than-usual numbers of active cases who have been confirmed as having contracted the virus be tested for public health code.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has limited access to coronavirus with a minimum six-month quarantine for patients in its response to the outbreak.