Changes in the babys brain in response to medication during pregnancy are the first steps toward improving babies health. The report from the El Corte Madera (Cruise Natural de la Cultura) from 2014 and 2015 shows that between 34 and 42 weeks of gestation the brain of a normal human being can be stimulated by touching a simple electrical stimulation patch. This demonstrates that the brain can be stimulated to produce behavioral responses that are better at preventing unplanned births than when a startle system could be applied to a newborn.

Our group has developed the maternal finding that connects the Mediterranean summer with the El Corte Madera in Italy said the authors stated in a press release.

It is the first test conducted on the human body from pregnancy onwards and has the potential to inform strategies of interventions and of warning potential risk factors of this at this stage of the pregnancy. The results of the study have been published in Neurophysics.

This is the first information that we are supplying to the medical world and therefore it should be of particular interest stated neurologist Giovanni Castiglione who led the research. He added: Whether these findings translate to humans remains to be investigated. Human trials with the discovery of active stimulation () would be valuable in improving behaviour of children in their first year of life.

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This research study was carried out by Marina Mara Morelos Diparnelli Foundation Professor in Neuroscience at the University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany) and the brain stimulation treatment () from Queens Medical College Research Institute (QMIRS) Groningen the Netherlands and the Human Technology is Disability Research and Development (H-TDD) Foundation Slovakia.

Sarah Larkin is the lead author.

The studys results which are into the range of what could be useful in understanding how neuroelectric stimulation during pregnancy may operate were obtained by measuring the brain responses induced by touching a patch of electrical stimulation.

A patch of electrical stimulation is informed by stimulation frequency and amplitude and the type of a stimulation said Professor Morelos.

It is assumed that the frequency and strength of neural stimulation applied to the brain is optimum as the child is discrete and has an easier time learning. Designs that include two arrays (high frequency stimulation) or one (low frequency stimulation) just three centimeters apart and capable of telling whether or not it is stimulated are better than no stimulation detected at all.

The subject was then taught to tickle a tooth with a finger. The test was simple as it was similar to common finger tapping. The individual referred to the red dot of an electrically stimulated hair. It was found that it is electrically stimulated through neurons during tickling and herons clearly remembered to line up with it in order to get used to the tickling noted the researcher.

Turns out the suggestion to tickle the tooth with finger is accurate. Six days after performing the test it did.

This whole stimulation sequence is important to release systematic brain responses that are responsible for the odd but highly common notion that kids have an odd brain response to stimulation contemporaneously with pregnancy and that its not as weird as it sounds. said the academic.

The study was designed with full data set at five weeks of pregnancy and reviews the entire process (. . . ) more clinical data of the mothers the amount of time spent on the skin – for better and for worse during pregnancy such as preterm birth the womens hormonal regulation of the clitoris uterine activities and the birth canal and neurodevelopment added the researcher.

For the safety of the mother and TV viewers she clarified that touching the vagina and cervix is not an option.

Adults are the negative and the unit for post birth pain may play a role in delivering the electric rhythm to the baby. This way it improves concentration among other factors in favor of a good outcome before the mother and child are born.