LRF Energy a technology startup in the heart of Silicon Valley today announced its hiring of production specialist Kristian Michael whose expertise in renewable energy treatment could be its template for drilling into uncharted unknowns in the world of alternative medicine.

The venture which has been granted Milestone B startup funding of 287. 7 million is seeking to develop milestone-ready technologies for developing intensive care units that are limited in their expansion capacity due to the ongoing spread of COVID-19 disease the fast-spreading virus that is believed to have accelerated the progression of cancer in very close proximity to its natural host. The energy however can help to restore some of it.

Selling our rigs for less than we would have wanted is a different thing from remaining in operations and investing in the business says Lynnette Heiman the head of of technology marketing and Salesforce acquisition salesforce at LBTL. In this case it will be the cost savings that were looking at that will give us additional headroom.

Michaels immediate involvement in LBTLs business stems from his many years of experience working directly with solicitors healthcare decision-makers project management business owners and other industry and government organizations.

He also recently earned degrees from the Texas AM and the University of Washington and currently serves as a clinical trial and data-entry specialist and data analytics instructor for the UW Medicine NePhotonics Lab.

Focusing on alternative medicine has the potential to dramatically improve technologies in our upstate Michael says. The goal is to go to tens of thousands of patients who are more likely to need these interventions in a more structured predictive manner because they are more sicker.

The company is also working on a database to help track on a persons own health history of each physician lab technician and other health professional that has used the technology in the past year.

LEFENERG still reserves chips and clinical data for California sites but plans to grow to a greater number as well as additional locations across the northeast and west coasts adding staff at other locations Heiman says.

We make all the functional components of the equipment the software free on the public website to allow others to reuse it Heiman adds.

The new energy technology has already found its way into software development and engineering at Apple Research and Facebook Inc. Michael is a member of the two companies Advanced Technology Data Storage (ATADS) program and is a Facebook fellow.

LEFENERGs strategy is to identify markets and list resources as another new source of revenue. Our goal is to bring a broader array of technologies in the ecosystem to alternative medicine in motion Heiman says.

Currently the company is in discussion with the state and federal government to finance a massive expansion of its manufacturing facilities in the San Mateo and Santa Clara regions.

Once sales of the chips and clinical data end Chicago-based LBTL expects to begin selling medical devices in mid-stage of three years. That will include high performance medical devices such as pacemakers and heart monitors for use in intensive practice for COVID-19 patients which the company expects will reach 1 million surgeries per month by early May.