Until now cancer research has rarely focused on single amino acids (SAs) one of the most complex structures in DNA. Amino acids are structures packed into smaller structures known as nucleotides which is responsible for the many different activities that DNA performs. However inhibitors of the AS genes have failed to behave similarly leading to a failure to find new more effective therapies against real cancers.

Ana Gotlib a Ph. D. student in the department of chemical and biological engineering at ETHZ has been the first to demonstrate how a simple structural DNA synthesis system can be used to build 3-D structures of DNA. Such constructions allow research teams at ETHZ to study how different RNA molecules interact with each other and with DNA.

We have adapted the chemical structure of the DNA structure we used in the paper to create these 3-D structures. We demonstrated that the 3-D structures can be built from a chemical synthesis for the first time. Practically speaking the researchers can study a massive amount of DNA at room temperature. The structure can be used to construct DNA compounds enzymes that not only bind to RNA but to break it down into its different types says Ana Gotlib.

Amino acids play pivotal role in DNA structure formation.

Earlier attempts to study the 3-D structure of DNA using structural DNA synthesis methods only had a single amino acid at each end. Ana Gotlibs group instead used a 3-D structure of DNA with four more aspirin-like molecules site-restriction sites separated by tRNA binding site-resistance sites. They then used the generated structural tissues and RNA cuttings to build the 3-D structures.