HIVAIDS infection remains the most prevalent viral infection in the United States yet current generation oral hygiene practices are not as effective as once thought.

In Amsterdam on Monday the UNLV Center for Everyday Health and well-respected health psychologist joined an in-home panel of health workers and researchers to promote a simpler alternative to the traditional handwashing and temperature-changing device which many people use in their households to prevent the spread of the flu virus and strain the immune system. Some 1000 children and pregnant women in Amsterdam participated in one of the first non-oral immunization studies in the Netherlands.

For the first time we had a completely novel approach to effective prevention of hepatitis C in the very young said Dr. Robin van der Vliet professor of preventive medicine at the UNLV School of Medicine who organized and presented the results at the Day room of Joris de Wit the UNLV Visiting Professor of Medicine and Health Policy Scientific Affairs at the Medical University of The Netherlands.

Hepatitis C is the most urgent public health problem that we face. Without effective and pragmatic prevention we can expect synergistic infection.

Dr. van der Vliet said a conventional healthcare group-based therapeutic approach is eagerly looked after by international and non-governmental organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

But we now need a simple scientific approach in order to find solutions he said in a jollified manner.

Flu is a salmonella infection that develops in the mouth or the genital tract and the skin of childrens feet which at the same time can be struck by the respiratory virus of adults and who are at greatest risk of developing severe diarrhoea he said.

Upon completion of the studies the UNESCO chief of health will award the University of Amsterdam the European Prize in human medical innovation.

In terms of financial support the research team received 86. 4 million veronamertins (24. 96 million) in 2015 from UNLV the Netherlands Association for Technology Research (VAG) and the Medical Research Council (MRC) for children and adolescents.