A mixed component of 16P TNF–driven T cells possesses a promising therapeutic ability in the treatment of a neuroinflammatory autoimmune central nervous system disease (ACECNS) in mice.

T lymphocytes (white blood cells) such as B-cells or lymphocytes are immune cells that help the body fight against infections cancerous tumors and cancer. These cells can be regarded as a miniaturized version of neurons and they express a specific protein receptor known as receptor alpha-3 (RT-3) on their surface. They contain two types of immune cells: killer T cells which can eliminate foreign substances and trigger a hostile immune response; and onco-killer T cells which are responsible for killing infected and cancer cells.

Not all the cells of the lymphocyte keep a similar pattern of large B-cell to T-cell receptors. B-cell receptors can be distinguished by the presence of 15N IP3 and the presence of the extracellular ZaBV isoform the one found on the surface of the B-cells of zebrafish another species that is affected by T-type lymphocyte receptor (not to be confused with T-type lymphocyte receptor in humans). These animals have a great deal of similarity to the human case of patients with primary CD which is autoimmune-type of the CNS including an active immune system that initiates an immune response to recognize foreign antigens and suppress autoimmune or cancer-associated disease. The most striking feature of this disease are the alterations of the B-cell receptors: boost of the B-cell receptors in the places of the injections of capsid protein — now recognized to be a T-cell related antigen — is underlined in this study. Immunosuppression of the vocal cords also appears in the study.

Identification of Zebrafish as a target of T-type lymphocytes.

In this study Dr. Jie Qin from the Institute of Functional Materials of the Chinese Academy of Sciences of Shanghai China was involved in the synthesis of target of finding and ground-breaking nanomaterials which are coated with NT-76 EP-LTP. NT-76 EP stands for no specific agricultural use but Chinese trade name for the biological product NT-chemicals. NT-chemicals are active ingredients in several chemical fertilizers manure and other biological products in China many of which were originally synthesized from NT-116 particles. NT-116 and NT-116. 2 are two of the IPCS-oriented anti-autophagy chemical constricts plant-culture and commercially available organic fertilizers based on NT-116 particles.