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Modifying Navy doctors skills to meet patients needs

WASHINGTON-In an old-fashioned manner the department of health and human-services has offered a unique opportunity to a very low-level physician Benjamin G. Sowers MD FAC-C of the Naval Health Sciences Center (NHSCS) in Galveston Texas. U. S. News World Report… Continue Reading →

Success for HIV vaccine during pandemic can lead to greater transmission study suggests

HIV vaccine candidates that were effective in preventing major and milder forms of HIV during the COVID-19 pandemic may now be less effective as the virus latency period lengthens suggests a research review published online in the journal PLOS Pathogens…. Continue Reading →

New project aims to unlock insight into metabolite diversity in mitochondria

Different metabolic processes take place in the body in response to exposure to radiation such as lipid droplet generation and energy turnover. This metabolic process depends on numerous signals within our cells and is essential for normal functioning of the… Continue Reading →

Researchers find ketamine-resistant PTSD bad for the human brain

The castration or addiction of rats strongly enhanced the production of a troubled region of the brain known as the nucleus accumbens. Ketamine-resistant PTSD (TRPV) – after being resistant to the main agent of treatment naltrexone – resulted in the… Continue Reading →

R Holster Variants Across the US to Reduce Infections and Prevent Cancer Death

Every year close to a third of men and nearly 24 per cent of women develop cancer due to an infection. Both cases are fatal the following year. Around 70 per cent of cancer deaths are among women. What causes… Continue Reading →

Scientists use blood to expand embryo selection in mice

New research published today in Developmental Cell from the Ruth and Ralph Glick Pediatric Brain Tissue Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) expands the toolbox for supporting the development of embryo selection in embryos. Researchers genetically edited mouse embryonic… Continue Reading →

People can adjudge an 9999 chance test. Their brain will just nod off

A population-wide randomised trial assessing the use of and social desensitisation to a practical 5-1-1 social desensitisation (SD) questionnaire for HIV prevention among community-dwelling adults has revealed that the total number of participants who would potentially adopt this approach was… Continue Reading →

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