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Google Biogen Launches AI-Based Gene Therapy Data Diagnosis Service

GE Healthcare the worlds largest independent healthcare provider and a sponsor of Cigna Vision Care announced today that Google Biogen has acquired a BioFinder AI-based gene therapy here to readBioFinder is a highly accurate affordable and easy to use… Continue Reading →

7 strategies that can help you manage various body dysangia

An estimated 56 million people in the United States carrying a type of a congenital condition called myelomeningiologic malignancy (MND) are living with the disease and for many of these individuals symptoms associated with the disease are still present. With… Continue Reading →

Possible ketamine therapy effective in treating depression antidepressants

Purdue University scientists and physicians reporting in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) have identified ketamine as a promising drug candidate that could help alleviate symptoms in patients with depression post-traumatic stress disorder and other brain-related disorders…. Continue Reading →

U.S. House of Representatives passes 1 trillion coronavirus aid package

U. S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi put a 1 trillion coronavirus-response aid package to ensure states and local communities can pay was passed by a 227-to- 161 vote on Tuesday after nearly three hours of debate. The Democratic-majority House approved… Continue Reading →

The nice thing about being loved is it makes you less selfish

Being loved is very good for us and one of the reasons we get so many Social Distancing Bluffers is because we love strangers too much. Now a study published in the Journal of Psychotherapy and Psychosocial Therapy has shown… Continue Reading →

U.N. Saint-Denis Commission calls for more research on long-term impacts of airborne pollution

The U. N. Commission on Sustainable Development (UNCD) has called for more research on the long-term impacts of air pollution across the globe. The report released on Tuesday provides an overview of the opportunities and challenges in air quality including… Continue Reading →

New device could help patients sore feet in hospital. Full details here

A UC Davis biophysicist has developed a device that could help patients with surgically removed feet feel better after a foot ulcer is removed in the hospital. The device which is miniaturized and light enough to fit into existing hospital… Continue Reading →

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