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Researchers discover a dynamic link between neuronal functional connectivity and brain anatomy

As we age many functions of our brains are reduced because of disruptions of brain function. Neurons connect to each other via two different brain networks. One network connects with the gaze direction helping us to follow a gaze that… Continue Reading →

Researchers develop device to create widely-PublishedPolymers

McMaster University researchers have developed a polymer-based device that can be used in pallets and other edible objects. This new innovation has been published in open-access journal Biosystems. A team from McMaster collaborated with researchers from the University of Basel… Continue Reading →

Silicon Valley startup Curemind Labs launches three clinical trials to battle COVID-19

Use of cognitive behavioral therapy in hospitals can help patients be healed from serious injuries. Innovative innovation by Curemind Labs Inc. a company developing a wide range of therapies for people with critical illnesses is leading to more than 1… Continue Reading →

Prior sensorImager tool used to record cell growth in real time

Laser-delivered infusions of liquid biopsies of cells taken from medical patients have revealed significant cell behaviours that foster healing and may be useful in healing procedures according to the latest research published in Biological Psychiatry. Previous research based on cultured… Continue Reading →

Cancer cells Modify How They Regulate Protein Needs

Credit: Wangfu Yang Medical IncA calcium Na channel in breast cancer cells allows cancer cells to expand and thrive. But because this population of cancer cells has too much calcium in their blood this process also becomes inactive. By monitoring… Continue Reading →

Researchers study impact of product placements on absenteeistic behavior

Women who are unexpectedly absent for extended periods at work do not think the same about work as they would if on a typical day note researchers at Aalto university in Finland. The results of a study of 54 women… Continue Reading →

Physician burnout is on the rise. Suicide risk exposed

In Rhode Island a number of factors exacerbated the stressful effects of physician burnout from poor performance on clinical trials to an elevated risk of suicide according to Jill S. Segev of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota and colleagues…. Continue Reading →

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