New research from Quest Diagnostics Inc. (QDiT-DQ) suggests that a compound termed 7Y105 can be used to treat cancer by changing the behavior of an essential cellular step in the growth of breast cancer cells. The companys importance to patients is highlighted by this weeks JumpStart award from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFI). The award was awarded to the companys new imaging agent Trichella for the purpose of fighting breast cancer in preclinical studies.

Clinically 7Y105 is very important for promoting proliferation of fibroblast Kin and co-activating which are processes required for tumor growth and survival. In addition it inhibits two forms of a transcription factor called INC1 and DMCA which cause signaling events that promote cause-and-effect throughout the body.

The companys results were published today in Nature Communications.

The DFI Digits President and CEO are David Eckhond and Eric Rocker Inc. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles and has offices in Cedar Rapids California.

About Quest DiagnosticsBased in Rauhel Texas Quest Diagnostics develops diagnostics products and services for IBM Watson ERDA Research and development products for the U. S. homeland security sector military bio-labels and a simple blood test company.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between basic scientific knowledge and market leadership by bringing to market our most advanced diagnostics products and services to help fulfill our growing demand. We have a strong presence in cancer and thanks to our industry sponsorment we are on the front lines helping to accelerate cures and complete lifesaving medicines.

Dave Eckhart Chief Executive Officer.