Nationwide Ovariantypal Foundation President Young confirmed to the media today that he is cancer-free.

He performed a successful blood test to detect various cancerous and malignant cells in 2011. However this himself was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. In 2018 Young revealed that he tested positive for malignant brain tumors.

Young revealed to the press that his body was virtually healed by then. I got cancer 1. 4 years ago. The disease was in my family and I returned to high school.

Young who is 74 years old said that in 2014 he developed dementia but found a way to recover from the ailment once he had succumbed to it revealing he had started chemotherapy. Around the same time he revealed that he got flu last year as well as and other viral diseases.

As such Young revealed beyond the fame range that he has defied any ailment that he revealed earlier to the media. The one thing that I have shown everyone I know is my ability to be cancer free(…) so for me it is joyful Young revealed in a statement.

On January 4 Young succumbed to the throat cancer that plagued him in 2017 disclosing that it affected his mental and physical strength and left him warning of a long and arduous road before cancer was cleared.

When asked about this Magician Young said With my recent cancer diagnosis I have found it very hard to gain health. He went onto add I keep telling myself: dont give up. There is hope for humankind.