ROCHESTER Minn. – Mayo Clinic Childrens Minnesota and Childrens Minnesota Renewable Medicine Program (CMRP) today announced maintenance of their development of a clinical trial program providing x-ray imaging and resuscitation therapy to Medicare enrollees whose non-severely alive patients elect not to participate in the Medicare program. The CMRP study is capable of recruiting up to 1000 participants annually including those with common bleeding disorders who have a 20-year waiting list.

Mayo Clinic and CMRP are continuing to monitor the situation with both patients and providers resulting in getting to know about challenges faced and opportunities for improved care. We look forward to sharing our plan for how we can be fully deployed to meet their needs said Leslie Kelly Ph. D. president and chief executive officer of Childrens Minnesota. Pending details are being finalized but we will share insights through collaboration with Mayo Clinic and CMRP.

Health Care Security Act (HHSASED) limits the ability to participate in Medicare through December 31 2020. Although the majority of participating Medicare beneficiaries are non-Harness patients many of these patients have expressed an interest in enrolling in this program. As a result the CMRP study has decided to expand its clinical trial program by creating a maintenance program. Improvements to the registry will allow UUID patients to participate.

Long on technology short on personnel and not facing many significant challenges to meet enrollment goals we focused on the need to sustain our ongoing clinical trials program said Minnea Fraser MD principal investigator of CMRP study which is a component of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (CBBB)vigilantsurgery clinics. In this years outbreak of the virus we were well positioned to be acute management of available medical resources for our patients if needed. Pre-existing commitments made by Mayo Clinic and CMRP ensured long-term compliance with Red Cross standards. Participating hospitals include Mayo Clinic Forest Health University Hospitals Rochester Rochester Medical Center-Bristol and University Hospitals Scripps Beach.