Lingerie Addiction Service (LAS) a health-consuming addiction recovery and employment agency that provides assessment referral and treatment services for women and men diagnosed with or struggling with addiction has expanded its existing works with clients enrolled in the Alliances Health Services Program (HSP). LAS now partners with the Alliances advocacy division and professional programs and supports to expand the team of registered advocates counselors and other providers who work to reduce unsafe opioid use and end the lives of women and men who overdose. The new work expands on an ongoing partnership that facilitated the organizations expansion from its family adoption and foster care settings.

With this expansion we will have much greater capability to seamlessly meet the needs of our clients who are recovering and working from home said J. Dana Fuller Cust Chief Executive Officer of LAS. In addition LAS will now include a new works with clients including an Addiction Counseling Center diversion and addiction treatment programs and solutions as well as a Drug Abuse Recovery and Research Service. The third works will also include a program focused on helping those who recently received treatment for substance use disorder to access wide-ranging programs available in their neighborhood.

The new work builds on LASs partnerships with other community-based mental health providers in New York and other communities around the country including 10 Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery Centers (Unitehealth). The second expansion LAS Presents will also include a clinical recruitment training and salaries appointment drive for clinicians looking to create a long-term relationship with their clients. The other expansion LAS Expands Collaboration and Training Program will include a host of new training opportunities including support for recovery leaders and others who are supporting recovery workers in their communities.

Patients and public health professionals have been categorically ignored in Philadelphia said Daniel Drolle Executive Director of LAS. If LAS was anywhere near Philly at the beginning of the new opioid epidemic and we were picking up the phone to address what needs to be done wed have hundreds of new clients. Our work will employ resiliency professional development accountability and safe-guarding alongside addiction expert integrative medicine student-led training case management and community outreach.