India reported over 10000 new cases of the novel coronavirus on Tuesday up from the previous days increase and the highest tally in Southeast Asia according to a Reuters tally of official reports.

The daily average of 10100 new infections in the past 24 hours is up from the previous week but still below peaks seen in early May when 2000-plus cases were reported daily.

The country reported more than 21000 cases in the past 24 hours last week – the highest number in a single week since May 14. That compares with an average of 16000 cases in the previous 14 weeks over the past year.

South Asia which accounts for about 25 of the total number of cases saw cases increase by 20 compared to a decline of 19 in the west. The region also saw a rise in Bangladesh where cases doubled in 24 hours to 7306 and 5140 in India overall to 3. 9 million.

In the last two weeks endemic countries outside China recorded unusually high numbers of cases with Asias largest country India reporting over 72000 new cases between May 12 and 16 according to the tally.

U. S. deaths were up by almost 9000 compared with an increase of 5100 in six weeks between May 7 and 16. Deaths sharply outpaced Europe in recent weeks.

Pakistan which reported nearly 7000 new cases at the end of last week reported 138 deaths and 1900 recoveries. India also reported over 1800 deaths in the last three weeks up from the 1600 deaths a week ago but still well below the peak of the peak of almost 14000 cases in early May.

Bangladesh which had 86000 cases at the beginning of the year reported 99000 at the end of March and 110000 in the last three weeks. Pakistans total number of cases has nearly doubled – to 202000 from 53000 – since the beginning of the year.