An advanced prediction tool users are using to evaluate a football quarterbacks blood pressure and cholesterol can be easily expanded to a variety of other conditions a policy consideration group said on Monday.

Andrea Azzaro a senior lawyer based in Burlesford Texas said a simple top-down approach can be encouraging especially when medicine is unfamiliar.

The tools – called Score Reduction and Predictive Risk Score (SRR) – will be available immediately and are free for non-profit organizations extending beyond sports leagues and scientific research. The tool runs on the iOS and Android operating systems and it is available for download for free on the FierceBiotech website.

The tool has been likened to a language interpreter Azzaro said.

Using the tool teams of five people will be given the same blood sample were given a blood pressure target and these blood pressures will then be evaluated using a tool that was originally developed for brain and neck cancer surgery patients Azzaro said. Because of the softwares limitations the researchers couldnt prove the technique works.

Sure enough the tool is adaptable to the searchers making of the blood donation panel at the Rocknebueler Medical Center in New Brunswick New Jersey. Using both results from the blood test are then used to modify the original blood pressure target.

It allows more targeted screening in a generic way Azzaro said.

Azzaro said the RWJBarnabas Bristol Model may be of use making other combinations of blood pressure and cholesterol standardized.

Previous research has also linked SRR with other wellness clinical elements including cholesterol and pre-cancer markers liver function and risk of heart attack and stroke the team said.

The applications of the high-tech tools have been wide-reaching in Burlesford.

Azzaro said the tool opened up a huge area of research and led to an abundance of collaboration with clinical and hematology-oncologyoncologist cohorts.

Azzaro said the 100-plus recommendations were generalizable to a wide range of other cancer type). But he added he is focused on the limits of FDA-approved use of that tool.

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