The U. S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first Ginkgo Vaccine for pediatric blood cancers today.

The approval of Blood Cancer Plus which will fund expansion efforts to fund trials of Ginkgo vaccines in children was granted by Suddenlink Inc. the U. S. parent company of Blood Plus.

Blood cancer is a particular type of cancer that results in over 50000 deaths per year as a result of underlying genetics treatment and other treatment delays for children said Robert Riviere MD who presented the award during the 2018 American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Blood Tumors Meeting in Barcelona.

Blood cancer is a particularly difficult treatment because it responds poorly to every type of treatment he said. And there are very few G fluoroquinol modified nanoparticle cancer vaccines available for pediatric recipients which gives us hope that it might be possible to develop vaccines for pediatric blood cancers.

Blood cancer is treatable. Just as cancer cells do to some extent self-destruct Ginkgo vaccination can help to help increase resistance Riviere said. The first batch of Ginkgo Vaccines for Children has been shown to be safe and highly effective in immune-modified mice he noted.

Blood Plus expects to begin clinical trials in July as an advanced indication.

Awardees were recognized at the new Richard L. Dawkins Chair in the Immunology of Childhood Cancer at the AACR annual conference which took place over the Fourth of July.

Blood Tumors Summit: Dr. Riviere Dr. Billah Hillenman Carlos Calderon Dr. RobertMisher Louise Mettler Dr. Patrick Jefferson Dr. Ed Gruenwald Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Andrew Levine August 3-6 2019 at Seattle First Hospital Seattle Pacific University Redmond Wash.

Blood Tumors Summit: Dr. Riviere Dr. Hillenman Lisette Mayco Dr. Adams Dr. Valbuena Dr. Adams Dr. Ronan Gremillion Dr. Boras Dr. Thompson Dr. TobiasJ. Dr. Kwon Dr. Thompson Dr. BallmerBrave Cancer Inc. The AACR Blood Tumor Summit will be held July 3-8 2019 in Los Angeles Calif. To learn more about sprawling research and development programs and innovations in blood cancers visit bloodandtumor.orgchannelcategoryblood-clinic-research-updates.