All 155 countries that have evacuated nationals from the Chinese city of Wuhan are in talks with Wuhan authorities to allow them to return home with most agreeing to abide by strict hygiene guidelines to prevent the spread of the disease.

Below is a list of countries that have so far agreed to lift restrictions on people leaving Wuhan:Australia does not impose travel restriction but is considering more stringent sanitary hygiene measures such as self-isolation shutting down public transport and closing some restaurants.

Canada Germany France Britain Japan South Korea and the Netherlands have seen casualties in their lowest levels and have quietly been allowing flights to resume as they resume air travel to and from China.

Canada which wants to ensure passengers do not become infected has said they regret any delays caused by the delay in evacuating to Wuhan.

China says it has been sharing health information with all the countries that have evacuated their nationals from Wuhan and will share information about peoples health.

Australia confirmed on Wednesday it had imported 30 tonnes of supplies including canola and wheat for Wuhan helping minimise the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on Australias food supply.

But Health Minister Greg Hunt says he still does not know the extent of the impact of the outbreak on the economy.

China says the deaths due to the coronavirus are very serious and will create very large logistical problems and is training staff to reduce the risk of unnecessary exposure at borders.

China says the epidemic is affecting people because they are unable to wash their hands and that they dont know where relatives have fled to.

France said it is executing a new strategy to contain the spread of the virus which is in the midst of an economic recession.

Britain however said Chinese travel restrictions will need to be lifted before returning to its normal routine.

Australia said it wants strict measures like self-isolation in Wuhan adding that it is also looking to limit the risk of seasonal flu spread by returning travellers. However it does not expect restrictions to be lifted for Christmas.

Bermudez station located just outside of Wuhan in central China has been temporarily closed after a flood of passengers forced authorities to seal the entrance to two Guangdong provincial offices amid scrutiny over cases.

Though Brazil has elevated its travel warning it still prohibits arrivals from Wuhan from traveling from certain parts of the city.

Concern over the spread of the new coronavirus in China amplified by a statement by the viruss original source the late state-backed Yan family which bought Wuhan new restaurants and cafes on July 9.

GP Benito Lopez told Reuters he was unsure of the diseases source but said wholesalers in the city would need to ease those restrictions.

I dont know what the current situation is regarding the origin of it he said.