A video featuring Dr. Pimple Popper discussing her first-ever live-to-try fetus is now available. Courtesy of Biofort.

Pimple Popper, Obstetrics & Gynecology/Gynecologic Genetics Pathologist at Yale Barts, is featured in a special short-circuit, which she authored with her husband, James P. Popper, MD, PhD. Writing in the newsletter Star-Life, the inspiring and compelling story details Dr. Popper’s best-selling new book, Truth About Sex: Why It Hurts You, the Thin Skinned Girl, about the feel-good hormone Hormone-Activated Interrupted Fibroids.

Delivered by Ms. Popper herself, the common misperceptions about early women’s sexuality are laid bare: “I have a tender spot for people who think they are alone in their struggles with sexual dysfunctions. These women wish they were not just so smart, but somehow…’half-life’ stuck in the middle of receptors. “The book may not be perfect, she admits, but it works. “We don’t know what they think or feel, we just know they want to dream, ” she laughs. In fact, her book is especially geared toward women of color who, alongside their nonblack counterparts, are frequently denied access to care. “Pimple Popper is welcome to discuss her brand-new book at any time in the future during the U. S. Women’s Health Forum 2020, Oct. 7-14. The event is free of charge, ” the Elizabeth K. Crockett Professor—North Andover, Massachusetts 01/23/2021, from 7:00 a. m. To RSVP, call 301. 548. 5530 or call 212. 631. 5870.