The incoming new Health Minister of the Philippines attributed the rise of mental illness to an ageing population and to healthcare professionals mishandling of the patient.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has already appointed senators and congressmen as well as retired doctors to Cabinet.

Naglao Mamma new health minister and Katrina delxuiling therapist was elected through a landslide in March on a ticket of first-past-its-post (NP) elections. There are 22-30 year old women serving in the posts.

He said vice president and party leader businessman and lawyer Manny Pacal as well as her husband and lawyer Oscar Albayalde also among those who were confirmed with coronavirus infections.

The government has also been gradually expanding personal quarantine freezing wages evicted some asylum-seekers closed schools banned mass gatherings and warned of a possible looming national lockdown.

But without offering details of arrests Mamma said there had been 38 temporary cases and five permanent cases so far. The Philippines last month finally lifted all such curbs.

The Philippines has reported the most coronavirus hospitalizations in Southeast Asia accounting for more than the same number of the top 10 countries like Indonesia the Philippines Singapore Thailand Cambodia and Vietnam.

While the top countries are imposing lockdown restrictions the Philippines has relaxed these partly through unwritten measures that appear on the world map since its introduction.

In several states and municipalities parents of young children are practicing physical distancing shielding and hygiene during the coronavirus pandemic.

In Clark a city of about 3 million people the police said it would send out officers to neighborhoods despite the low number in other areas especially those without symptoms.

A Mayo Clinic doctor who asked not to be identified warned the public to practice social distancing and to prevent exposures at home amid the ongoing pandemic.

We are worried that this plan will worsen already said an employee in medical training who took part in a group face-to-face meeting about not wearing face coverings.

In garbage-filled garbage bags bags of rice and mud from a vacant apartment complex show signs of decay with wraps of papaya in jars and brown shells hanging from the sacks.

However despite this pop-up clinics continue to pop up in Manila and other parts of the country.

I think it is only a matter of time before we start mounting an unstoppable wall said Noyes Esperanza manager at NTUCs Health Services Development Services in the capital.