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Single cell analysis not enough to provide reliable predictors of cancer risk

Cell-based genomic profiling determinations are vital for cancer diagnosis and treatment.
The impact of single-cell analysis methods on predicting cancer outcomes remains largely unknown.
Israeli and UK researchers conducted the Cell Stress Test (CSS) assay to investigate the impact of cell stress on the epigenome and the quality of tumor biopsies.
According to the research team, the effect of stress on the epigenome may be more important in the early stages of tumor development.
Added to this, the impact of DNA methylation on DNA replication rate was also investigated.”

Non-invasive delivery system boosts shelf life of biodegradable medicine

Biological systems kept in a pathology lab are depleted for extended periods of time to prevent death. Such systems can only take relatively few inches to degrade, these short circuits are often exposed to toxic agents inside the body, and… Continue Reading →

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