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Glowing Cells with ‘Pollutants’ May Help Predict Disease Spread

In the study, published today in the prestigious journal Cell Reports, the scientists found that electrical stimulation caused a barrage of biochemical reactions, as well as alterations in genes known to control circuits in neurons.
It is some very interesting findings that we have seen, as the neuroscientists are trying to ascertain important aspects of how the nervous system responds to electrical stimulation.
One of the most interesting is that electrical stimulation can affect genes that were not used to control voltage in neurons before, such as those that control neurons in the heart, so the impacts on genes that control those circuits could be significant.”
Robison, an associate professor in Manchester’s School of Biosciences, who is leading the study.

confaration between two brain hemispheres found in language-making neurons

A Stanford research team, including neuroscientists Shruti Siva, Sadak Nam and Toshio Kawada, has found evidence that hippocampus and neocortex are separated by a single lepton-interacting protein called Bubble-1. The researchers reported that the memory, learning and behavior deficits exhibited… Continue Reading →

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