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Study Costs Experts $12.6M to Reanalysis Cancer Genes

Famous for delivering precise cuts to the breast and ass, the same technique also has been increasingly used to treat cancers.
Even so, the new analysis marks a significant shift in cancer treatment.
As reported in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, patients without the HER2-EBOV vaccine plus ART lived for an average of 54 months after being treated, compared with 42 months for those treated with the HER2-EBOV minus ART.
Some of those who received both approaches lived above the average progresss that doctors routinely experience with ART, the study noted.
“We think this is a major improvement,” Christie said in a University of Michigan news release.

efficacy of fruit fly vocalizations to understand language disorders

Molecularly-based techniques identify the effect of language on vocal learning in fruit flies, a study of fruit flies published May 29 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Stephanie K. Leber, MD, HNR, Department of Speech & Hearing Research, Elaine-Sueppe… Continue Reading →

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