Brazilians in their mid-30s were either walking or on horseback and on horseback on Sunday took two daily tests for the coronavirus as authorities sought to keep a tally running despite the countrys inability to test more than a million of its nearly 20000 patients.

After weeks of acknowledging there would be a need to do more the health ministry this week said it would report positive results from 101 patients nationwide.

Health Minister Miguel Cabello said the country had helped limit the spread of the virus by relatively busy borders.

The federal government on Saturday brandished its threat to strip the independence of the 7-18 Freedom Party which refused to hand over the partys membership cards to state security forces Reuters reported.

The health ministry this week confirmed eight cases elsewhere in the country of the virus.

The government has not released published detailed figures for people being tested or released from hospital into public pools saying each of them is on the brink of a disability.

Twenty-two have died. Four cases have been brought relatively quickly to a close Cabello said raising the death toll to 13 along with six fatalities in public transit.

The World Health Organization for Latin America is awaiting the date for the last known test result for each infected person he said.

Brazil the worlds fourth most-populous tested nation has recorded 71786 cases and 358 deaths according to a Reuters tally.

Cabello on Sunday said the state of Sao Paulo which has the fourth-highest infection tally had become the first in Latin America to be without test kits due to staff shortages.

The state is years behind in the developed world in clinical testing auditoriums of government hospitals will likely be filled as late as Tuesday Cabello said.

Up to 30000 patients may be infected at the same time he said but he could not say just how many.

Children under the age of 5 may be among those at highest risk Cabello said.

Health authorities are also avoiding travelling outside of the capital Brasilia the epicenter of the virus as they seek to skirt travel restrictions put in place to prevent its spread.

We have begun prioritising transmission by train and on foot Cabello said.

The local arm of the same train service known as BR-24 has been ordered to disperse the affected passengers by mid-morning on Monday.

Brazil the worlds largest auto market reported 7500 new coronavirus cases on Sunday bringing the countrys total number of confirmed cases to 188813. Additions are on the rise and about 8000 people are thought to be infected – a fifth of the total population.