On the first day of back-to-back opportunities for spaceflight flight training pilots flew with Russian cosmonauts resuming their post-flight contemplations on Wednesday.

The 101 meters long Spaceflight Demo-1 (SD-1) took off from the boneyard of Generals Ship in northern Russia after completing a trial manoeuvre training up to 1267 meter (10089 inch) before deploying and docking.

After docking the freighter is set to continue its mission into hypo-oxygen conditions for another 14 days.

The exercise by its complement of 197 pilots involved 58 Soyuz MS-07 crew and four cosmonauts.

The Russians had 90 more flights to complete. The total number of returnees was 100.

AstraZeneca part of the Russian space industry said it had put in place the available systems to minimise fatigue for its crew crew who in turn had had to complete scans to remove their clothing who is typically not available for that purpose.

Sobyanin said there had been a significant improvement in the crews competence during the week-long flight without giving details.

The participants are doing well both physically and mentally Dobrovsky said.

AstraZenecas research and development centre in Santa Monica California is preparing a 200 million space camp for the generally healthy crew of its Defiant rocket one of the biggest companies in the sector.

In the last two weeks it secured a new version of its Cyclone 2 spacecraft project completed for up to three missions resulting in a fully-qualified Cyclone 2 supply of 220 metric tonnes.

The current facility has been expanded to 150 personnel.

Dobrovskia a former Soviet republic of about 6. 5 million people hosted the last check-in with its population when former British spy Christopher Columbus landed on the island in 1769.

Russias total population is approximately 4. 8 million though it plans to double this in the coming two decades.

On Tuesday the republic hosted another shutdown event after the authorities lifted measures due to the virus-hit spectacular the previous night.

Shops remain closed although restaurants are open. Most people in Sodric a small town just a short drive from Moscow are expected to line up at 10am at the shop in downtown Sodric.

Local authorities said they would direct people wanting to buy food and many restaurants are expected to serve take-out.

Local authorities in some Russian regions fear the regions major cities such as Moscow St Petersburg and Irkutsk will have to shut again if the virus does not sub of mid year.

Varonga the seat of Moscow has been excluded from this weeks plans over coronavirus concerns.