The American Association of Federal Occupational Health Safety (AFAHS) encourages healthcare professionals to take a closer look at their own exposures to hearing loss and related hearing loss legislation and policies. A current study found hearing loss is already costing 1. 3 million Americans their lives annually.

We know only too well that healthcare professionals when working in close proximity to patients or hearing aids are exposed to higher levels of noise than they are accustomed to when hearing is done deep within the ears subacuteal area said AFAHS board member Ela Sadatchia MS AAHS Senior Research Fellow and director of the Virginia Commonwealth University Hearing Centers Commonwealth Hearing Clinic. This may result in hearing loss and loss of normal hearing function that impact peoples quality of life.

To protect hearing AFAHS urges research with a focus on the physics of hearing and related hearing loss. A six-month course of deacetaminase beta (DAA) – a protein that serves as a signal to keep cells awake – and four-month course of lactate amyloid (LA-A) therapy can provide neuroprotection Sadatchia said. This is important because when the hearing centers of the ear become overly sensitive the brain can place unwanted pressure on the ears she said.

LA-A therapy shares similar benefits as anaerobic exercise notes Sadatchia. The six-month or longer course may provide more challenges for hearing people she said. In this study among patients hearing loss those receiving hearing protection with LA-A therapy lived for an average of 14. 4 months less than those receiving hearing protection with anaerobic exercise.

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