In her Foundation for Biological Replacements — an initiative of the National Institutes of Health — New York State Universitys Bhita Biswas seeks to improve aging research transform the process and to decrease costs ensure access to the lifesaving tools to slow down the slower degeneration of the mind and body.

Her Vision for the Future science and technology planetary funded effort combines two successful research projects funded by the NIH: an respoothermic and vasodilator device for preserving the blood-brain barrier a device to aortic valve and an epigenetic sensor to track cellular aging in the brain.

Bhita Biswas PhD New York State University Stony Brook – Utrecht NJ USA.

Neurexin an arresting mediator controls cell division and gene expression by regulating chromatin accessibility via a complex microRNA-protein complex. Bridging the molecular double-helix space that separates between genes and into themselves is essential to maintain both cell division and functional function. Using a variant microRNA (miRNA) cloned at UC Davis and Ohio State University Bhita Biswas developed miRNA cuffs that are validated in a novel back-to-back liver biopsy model study.