Dapoxetine is a highly selective, phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor used for the treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms. It was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 1999 for the treatment of a medical condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Its effect on both men and women was the same. It lowered the level of testosterone in the body to restore balance to the balance of hormones in the body – and that is, the her hormones balance.

How it works

Sexual dysfunction was a big problem for several years, especially for men with sexual urges, as well as impotence in general. At the beginning, the drugs did not work (with no side effects) because of the side effects. Over the years, researchers figured out that the drug had the potential to reduce the secretion of prolactin, which is a sex hormone that causes an erection, and then it allowed a whole play of testosterone work.

Soon, scientists began looking at the choice of responds when the efficacy was tested. Dapoxetine actually worked but like any other SSRI, treatment rates found drops in the number of serious sexual side effects, including decreased sensitivity and orgasm.

How is it Martin?

Was Martin treated for minor Surgery? No, just on the basis of lowering his sex drive and stamina. He used the drug consistently for 20-years and now, it works 18 months of the year on average, and has helped thousands of men. Sites have also shown that it is helpful for mood and memory problems. Studies have shown that the drugs are effective for itself and can act very well as a sexual agent.

What is it like in medicine?

We have known all about drugs for this but here is an interesting new breakthrough in order to make a better read on it. dapoxetine has confirmed its effectiveness on a large number of men, and has helped countless people to improve their personal health and as well as their sexual health.