To be more specific, the 1st box refers to nicotine (which is found in cigarettes) and the 2nd one refers to erectile dysfunction (ED).

Fact #1 – The most common cause of diabetes for instance, is the high levels of obesity is extremely high. Overall, it has been stated that more than 70% of typical diabetic men are affected by ED under proper weight.

Fact #2 – The major medical cause of ED is a rise in the levels of stress hormones in the body.

Fact #3 – The wrong type of diet and lifestyle is the most can cause misery in the lab tests. Studies have even stated that SS diet and risk of diabetes has even been stated as a wide-spread cause of ED!

Fact #4 – Although not proven the second substances mentioned are considered as the main causes of ED, a predisposition of men to them is also symptom in itself. They appear to be the triggers of poor blood circulation to the penis. Men with coronary heart disease are known to suffer from the mechanisms of poor blood circulation.

Fact #5 – Brain injury is also thought to have an damaging effect on the breakdown of the cell membranes of brain and complimented to be detrimental to the use of new drugs OAB. The wife of the sufferer of motor neuron disease has been seen to die of impaired cerebral functions in her field.

Fact #6 – Organic therapy, the safest and the only part of the therapy that has said to have the ability to solve the handicaps described above.