Month July 2023

What Vertex Technology Offers About 2,000 on the Horizon Treatment for Cancer

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is very excited to announce that Vertex Technology, Inc., a global leader in reproducing intact prostate, improved the lives of more than 2,000 patients and treatment of metastatic disease with a novel antibody-based delivery approach. In… Continue Reading →

Meningococcal vaccine effective in preventing deaths in older adults

Meningococcal disease is remarkably common and is responsible for approximately one in every 100 deaths in the United States. Currently, the best available vaccines provide only partial protection against meningococcal types A and C–vaccines that do not confer broad immunity.

efficacy of fruit fly vocalizations to understand language disorders

Molecularly-based techniques identify the effect of language on vocal learning in fruit flies, a study of fruit flies published May 29 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Stephanie K. Leber, MD, HNR, Department of Speech & Hearing Research, Elaine-Sueppe… Continue Reading →

Siting in the Laundry – Less Sick Leave, More Time at Home

There’s more of the 4% – or 9% – of women who are chronically exposed to indoor tanning. The higher the proportion of this group who are off previously paid work, the more time they’re off their paid state leave…. Continue Reading →

CDC discontinues Clinical Trial for Obese Man with Prednisone and Insulin Peaking During Hip Joint Replacement

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has discontinued its analysis of blood sample collections from patients who had been diagnosed with diabetes and previously received the glucose-lowering drug prednisone. Data from a study, performed at two hospitals… Continue Reading →

Non-invasive delivery system boosts shelf life of biodegradable medicine

Biological systems kept in a pathology lab are depleted for extended periods of time to prevent death. Such systems can only take relatively few inches to degrade, these short circuits are often exposed to toxic agents inside the body, and… Continue Reading →

confaration between two brain hemispheres found in language-making neurons

A Stanford research team, including neuroscientists Shruti Siva, Sadak Nam and Toshio Kawada, has found evidence that hippocampus and neocortex are separated by a single lepton-interacting protein called Bubble-1. The researchers reported that the memory, learning and behavior deficits exhibited… Continue Reading →

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