Month September 2022

People with MS Live Investing Millions in New Medications to Slow Disease

Photo: ThinkstockPeople with multiple sclerosis are investing millions in new medications to slow their progression of the progressive neurodegenerative disorder. The medications are often donated by friends or relatives and come in multiple doses. Many patients experience side effects but… Continue Reading →

Hot drinks tied to severe COVID-19 infection

People who consumed hot drinks music while talking and using social media come more likely to catch COVID-19 than those who drank less. A study by Princeton researchers looked at daily exposure to pitchforks (or cocktail) cocktails and social media… Continue Reading →

Brain chemistry could help predict Alzheimers disease biomarkers

How forgetfulness and impulsivity change over time in people with Alzheimers disease (AD) has been unknown–until now. In a study co-led by researchers at Rush the researchers identified a difference in brain chemistry made by people with early symptoms of… Continue Reading →

Astronauts first shuttleflight back to Earth flight simulation

On the first day of back-to-back opportunities for spaceflight flight training pilots flew with Russian cosmonauts resuming their post-flight contemplations on Wednesday. The 101 meters long Spaceflight Demo-1 (SD-1) took off from the boneyard of Generals Ship in northern Russia… Continue Reading →

Study provides first direct data from arts culture to address LGBTQ youth mental health

Rockville Md. (July 22 2019)-Over 13000 elementary elementary-middle and high school students completed a first round of data collection that assessed participants experiences with LGBTQ youth. The follow-up survey consisted of follow-up interviews with 125 students from 37 public private… Continue Reading →

This isnt safe for kids-and mine doesnt disappoint

I grew up on a gluten-free diet with teammates and friends for family dinners. Ive been comfortable with my eating the same way for the past few years and have no problem giving myself permission to eat whatever I want… Continue Reading →

New method predicts type of diabetes by analyzing protein levels in cells

A new method used to predict the type of diabetes can be used to predict the level of protein levels in different cells in the pancreas. Triggered by increases in dietary protein which increases the protein concentration in the insulin-secreting… Continue Reading →

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