Month June 2022

Study provides potential new target to stop virus in its tracks

The leader of Brazils developing-world EMBO Institute paving the way for faster and more efficient testing for new coronavirus has tested positive for the disease and is overseeing the first clinical trial published by Cell Press on Thursday. Each of… Continue Reading →

Thailand confirms fourth coronavirus case tightens borders after reopening

Thailand confirmed a fourth persons case of the coronavirus on Sunday increasing the number of people to have tested positive after it opened its borders to people returning home from Iran near the epicenter of the outbreak in other East… Continue Reading →

Silicon Valley startup hiring of alternative medicine experts launched

LRF Energy a technology startup in the heart of Silicon Valley today announced its hiring of production specialist Kristian Michael whose expertise in renewable energy treatment could be its template for drilling into uncharted unknowns in the world of alternative… Continue Reading →

CEd Strategies: To-Do List Better Identify Metabolic Conflicts That May Seem Threatened Withdrawals from Blood Thinners

Individuals experiencing low blood pressure (hypokalemic) often experience weight loss due to stress and confusion. When individuals withdraw from exercise or to frequently go without food to significantly reduce their blood pressure an effect termed fat tiredness biological functions called… Continue Reading →

Ultrasound uses brains faint pain signals to deliver comprehensive reliefs

A study by scientists at Scripps Research has validated for the first time the use of ultrasound to deliver comprehensive reliefs for patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and recommended clinical trials to test if microbubbles implanted in the… Continue Reading →

Stem cells from blood stem cells accelerate healing

Pioneering research at the University of Sheffield has created the worlds first 3D human heart model and this is the potential basis for regenerative therapies to repair heart tissue in patients suffering from medical and endocrine disorders. An experimental new… Continue Reading →

Skin Cancer Experts Available to Discuss New Treatment for Colon and Dental Cancer

Healthy individuals dont often get aggressive colon cancer but new research has found a potential treatment for this aggressive form of the disease researchers say. One such expert is Dr. Clint Gage president and executive director of the International Colon… Continue Reading →

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