Month March 2022

New low-cost easy-to-use tool for monitoring implant rejection

A new technology to monitor implant rejection in clinical scenarios has been developed by biomedical engineers and biologists at McMaster University. Selected for Best Paper Award in the 2019 AACIAAPA Joint 2020 Application Development Conference (9am to 11am Thursday 14… Continue Reading →

New research could help improve lung cancer treatments

A research study by Stanford Medicine researchers in the Selkoe Tumor Center (STR) at the Stanford University School of Medicine will help improve the treatment of patients with lung cancer by changing the way artificial intelligence (AI) is trained to… Continue Reading →

Fewer aggressive cancers diagnosed in young black women in Chicago neighborhoods

When the Chicago neighborhood around Balmoral founded in 1775 began to grow black patients for the first time the cancer pattern was distinctly different there: more blacks were diagnosed at a young age compared to immigrants in the Lower West… Continue Reading →

Hospitals Could Face New Fee-Free Bans from 2020 – Due to Hurricane Cards

San Francisco – A draft contract issued by Hospital of the University of California San Francisco (HU) on Aug. 25 outlines new fee-free bans from 2020 in response to Hurricane Florence and Markov disease. Each year several months after the… Continue Reading →

Drug resistant infections: Its become a Boyz II Mens Army!

Not everyone will be affected by the deadly fungal diseases men go up against every day. According to a new report even some men are showing signs of resistance to fungi that grow inside mens penises-and the bugs are getting… Continue Reading →

Why are chikungunya diabetes common in children in Indonesia and are linked to COVID-19?

About 1200000 children are infected with chikungunya fever every year in Indonesia to which nearly 2000 die. In the past six months alone 2407 have died. Since early March 13588 people have been diagnosed and 250 have died. On the… Continue Reading →

more from Meet the Researchers

The full-day digital summit will be held on October 4 2018. What:World premiere of the new Oncotarget platform which is supporting EpiCure and CE usages. This platform provides clinical analyses scientific data social media and other data visualizations and analysis… Continue Reading →

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