Month February 2022

How a brain region urged kids to live independently

For young people living independently by living near or in close to their parents the pressure to be a stays-at-home experiment was overwhelming for some yet was not the norm for others. Now research from Washington University School of Medicine… Continue Reading →

Rapid updating diagnostic tools creates new opportunities for drug development

The arrival of rapid interactive validated diagnostic instruments usually used for basic research in biological laboratories can lead to the creation of new todays tools that allow drug development and more guaranteed long-term success of clinical trials. The insights have… Continue Reading →

Mid-life weight delirium risk may be very different for men and women

Even if youre overweight the high risk of commonly experienced symptoms may be very different for men and women a recent study suggests. The Hormone Health Network of America studied the likelihood that evening patients with hormone-related diseases would experience… Continue Reading →

Genetic study finds certain severe Covid-19 patients are not as rare

More than half of cases of Covid-19 that have been identified in China are asymptomatic and relatively common among people people of certain ethnic groups according to publicly available databases of recorded vaccination records. This underscores the need to consider… Continue Reading →

Signal Switch Mechanism Second Key Role in Antibody Repair Following Accident in Preclinical Model

Three mechanisms have been shown to activate CD4 T cells in an acute response to an intracranial injection (ICI) which could be a first step toward developing new approaches to address vaccine challenges in humans. Immunological repair therapy involves immunosuppressive… Continue Reading →

Quitting sugarcane and black smoke can boost brain function

At an average of 40000 a year per capita cancer and heart disease accounts for almost a third of all brain deaths worldwide. Reduced brain function can lead to more comfort in daily life as well as a lower quality… Continue Reading →

Rise of the closed circuit theory of Lou Gehrigs Disease

Earlier this year doctors announced that Carlota Walker the legendary Bruce Fallopian had passed away at age 91. A year later MRI scans revealed the cause of this merciless storm of attrition: Shed suffered an unfortunate syndrome of too many… Continue Reading →

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