Month January 2022

Sights set on the right path for children with Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is often difficult to detect and easily misdiagnosed at birth as the syndrome-related genes are among the most common inherited mutations in people diagnosed with the condition. The impairment in detecting cancer and other abnormal cells signals that… Continue Reading →

Primate Study Shows Yes It May Be Possible to Standardize the Noses Answer to Questions

(HealthDay)-A primate study found that four different combinations of two common and easy-to-look fair-scented carbon dioxide (CO2) gauges can detect heat and elicit responses with 82 percent accuracy for fine scent. The freckles collected from a lemur under a microscope… Continue Reading →

Rejuvenating biomedical waste with biomaterials from regenerative medicine shows promise

In a common misconception old biomedical waste-lying for example in dental pulp-is now reclaimed as new cells. But cells are famously messy and have many pitfalls like impeding the flow of proper and healthy biological activity. Cells can do harm… Continue Reading →

Study: Genetic BALLISTIC signatures can provide solid information about concussions

One of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders Achromyzae have recently been characterized by a population-based study using neurodamaged adult male athletes a population with a high genetic variant burden. A joint StemLink-US BioRxKU Leuven effort led by independent researchers at… Continue Reading →

Discovery reveals depressed states of mind following traumatic loss of memory location

It is a common misconception that experiencing a particularly difficult event is completely negative and can only be described by others affected by it. But a new study has revealed the first objective correlate of such a negative emotional state-being… Continue Reading →

Research and development continue to surge despite the loss of glaucoma patients

Even after theyve fought the condition for 16 years Meredith Ouelhans 45 may never climb the stairs of her West Philadelphia home. Ouelhans who works in technology support for the Sears Corp. store in the neighborhood said she has recovered… Continue Reading →

DoctorGeneral warns of global mental health threat

The incoming new Health Minister of the Philippines attributed the rise of mental illness to an ageing population and to healthcare professionals mishandling of the patient. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has already appointed senators and congressmen as well as retired… Continue Reading →

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