Month November 2021

Causality bias affects accuracy among numbers used to treat eye diseases

Research led by the University of Adelaide has shown a common denominator in the accuracy of using numerical values to assess the presence of glaucoma another eye disease that causes thousands of people to be diagnosed annually worldwide. Published in… Continue Reading →

Scientists identify five new genetic causes of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

In the search for a drug that can treat non-alcoholic fatty liver disease which affects about 10 percent of the global population scientists at Baylor McClelland Childrens Research Institute (McCoRx) the Hank and Avi Farber Institute for Alzheimers and Neurodegenerative… Continue Reading →

Researchers develop a new way to structure DNA to build personalized cancer drugs

Until now cancer research has rarely focused on single amino acids (SAs) one of the most complex structures in DNA. Amino acids are structures packed into smaller structures known as nucleotides which is responsible for the many different activities that… Continue Reading →

Handheld gloves could help pacify and ease pain of knee osteoarthritis

A simple patch of BioCell O-ligos portable gloves could be used to deliver more relief to patients suffering from painful knee osteoarthritis (OA) better than a plastic prosthesis. The Oxford research team recently developed BioCell Oligos with integrated sensors and… Continue Reading →

Opioids serve a dual function to keep the heart young and healthy

Researchers at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) have discovered that acetaminophen and non-opioid nicotine therapies or NNs appear to treat several common health conditions that can be modulated with NNs plus technology including neuropathic pain… Continue Reading →

Innate immune subset influences generation of immune responses in non-human primate models

The problem of accurately identifying which pancreatic cancer patients will respond to certain kinds of chemotherapy is especially pressing in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The tracer used to bring pancreatic cancer patients to benefit is called a neuroendotoxin…. Continue Reading →

Factbox: Countries evacuating nationals from China coronavirus complex

All 155 countries that have evacuated nationals from the Chinese city of Wuhan are in talks with Wuhan authorities to allow them to return home with most agreeing to abide by strict hygiene guidelines to prevent the spread of the… Continue Reading →

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