Month July 2021

Researchers Use Genomics to Explore Cancer Cells Deeper Look at DNA Repair Mechanisms

Scientists previously thought they knew little about DNA repair mechanisms in cancer cells. Now though they do know more. They uncovered a proof of function that helps explain a mystery about high cell survival rates. Dr. Emmanuelle Cammillier and her… Continue Reading →

Adolescents Genes May Affect Cognitive Performance and Activity Two Years Later

Research shows that the DNA of almost all adolescents tested may prove to be important for cognitive function and brain development two years later. This is the finding of a longitudinal study carried out in 120 healthy young individuals in… Continue Reading →

Canadian Society of Anesthesiologists Applauds extension of disclosures for new coronavirus screening machines

CHICAGO The Canadian Society of Anesthesiologists looks forward to continuing our partnership with health Canada to expand announced in late January. We greatly look forward to this collaboration to expand our partnership with Health Canada regarding new timely disclosure of… Continue Reading →

UnitedHealthcare prods funding boost for flu monitoring project

UnitedHealthcare Incs existing partnership with the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to work on a project to monitor influenza-like disease (ELD) patient trends in the Southwest can re-open things up within patient networks and in healthcare… Continue Reading →

Why was the coronavirus situation worsening so much in the U.S.? Here is why so much sick leave washers and call centers

A research study assessing emergency treating time and available capacity at 17 major U. S. call centers found that over 1900 people were on ice but only 770 were allowed to go home within two hours. The study also found… Continue Reading →

Study: The brain approves of violence

Participants in a state-based study were asked whether they would attack or beat a partner if they were unable to control their emotions. In most states when it comes to violence against women participants approve of it more researchers write… Continue Reading →

Living apart-at least on one occasion

Consuming family and friends in the first few years after the death of a close friend or relative is a common way to reconnect with friends family and co-workers who are making their mark on the lives of younger people…. Continue Reading →

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